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    I have some questions to the classes:

    1. How can I modify the header image?
    2. How can I translate the name of the months into German language? The POT files are already translated.
    3. How can I set colors to the classes?
    4. How can I modify the font in the calender? The font is white and not visible.
    5. The scheduler shows January 2018, but I only can see 5 days. Isn’t it possible to show a month view?
    6. Can I modify the shown time frames?
    7. The boxes with the time frames are realy big (8.00, 9.00, and so on). Can I make them smaller?
    8. Do you have any kind of booking form?


    Dear sir,

    We need FTP account to fix some of your issue in point 1

    2. Translate months at here:

    3. Set up color class:

    4. How can I modify the font in the calender? The font is white and not visible.—> could you screenshot for me in this issue? I can not know where is it.

    5. Our theme just show the date of week, not support for month yet.
    You can hire some to change this code.

    6. modify the shown time at here: frames

    7. This can not change it smaller because it is coded in style of the theme. Will take a long time to do that with related to many section.

    8. Yes, we have. we can use ninja form or gravity form to build a form booking
    some example here:
    Also can code following to any kind of form from clients.

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    Dear sir,

    Point 1: Please change header image at here:

    Also you could review point 4, could you help us take a screenshot where you want to mention it?

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